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Group therapy can be a powerful and valuable environment for healing and growth. It is in relationship, that we are able to calm the nervous system and build capacity to hold those things that may feel overwhelming. Brené Brown tells us that the “antidote for shame is empathy” and within a group setting, we are able to hold space for others and be held in return. At Simply Being, we offer a variety of groups and workshops to help further your healing.

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Body Talk:
Reconnecting with Our Bodies for Healing           

A group for survivors of trauma and those dealing with chronic stress.

Many kinds of therapies approach trauma from a cognitive and behavioral perspective. Others dive in head first into the narrative with urgency, when what is truly required is a presence of self and stillness. In this group, you will begin to build the capacity to hold and resolve your pain. Our goal is to help you recognize and renegotiate trauma bit-by-bit, so you can feel better oriented to your present and prepared to create a balanced future you can look forward to again.


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This small-group is intended for female-identifying clients, and/or nonbinary clients ages 16+, who have struggled with trauma and/or chronic stress. The group is an 8-week experience that will take place on Tuesday nights from 6pm -7:15 pm.


$600 if paid in full when registering

$640 if paid in installments, with a $100 deposit paid when registering

All monies are refundable, up to two weeks prior to the start date of the group. Participants who register for the group and remain committed after the two- week cancellation deadline, are committed to the full group fee even if individual group sessions are missed.


Start Date: August 31, 2021 / Currently Postponed

Upcoming Workshops

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Simply Be Workshops: A Somatic Healing Series

We are excited to announce the Simply Be Workshop Series–A series of one-day workshops for individuals, couples, and families who wish to learn how to thrive in relationship with the Self and with others.

This series will use. A Somatic Experiencing approach, along with therapeutic yoga and mindfulness practice, to explore relevant topics and heal in community.

Healing Attachment Wounds
A bottom-up approach to better understand attachment styles and heal from old wounds and patterns.

Healing Chronic Pain
Calm the body’s overactive “fight” response through a variety of somatic and mindfulness strategies that will help relieve and manage pain–Enjoy life again!

Healing the Inner Child
Embrace your child archetype through mindfulness practice, somatic experiencing, parts work, and psychodrama. 

Healing through Self-Compassion
Known as a “rejuvenating” emotion, self-compassion can help us hold space for the uncomfortable feelings and sensations experienced. Learn mindfulness techniques and bottom-up approaches– learn to love yourself again. 

Healing Sexual Trauma
Heal through the shame of sexual trauma in community. This is a workshop of female identifying clients, where we will practice ways to calm the nervous system, in order to embrace growth.


Is the Attachment Workshop right for me?

We will explore what it means to have attachment wounds and help you interrupt unhealthy relationship patterns. We will use a variety of experiential practices such as somatic work, mindfulness practice, therapeutic yoga, and more. This workshop is appropriate for individuals working on healing old wounds, couples stuck in unhealthy patterns, and parents and children struggling in relationship with each other.

$300 for 2 participants attending together

$175 per individual

All monies are refundable, up to two weeks prior to the start date of the group.


Start Date:  Healing Attachment Wounds, April 25, 2020


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