Psychedelic Psychotherapy in Nashville TN


The use of psychedelic substances, such as Ketamine, psilocybin, ayahuasca, and MDMA, have been at the heart of the trauma-healing and mental health debate for decades. More recently, the growing number of clinical studies from well respected universities have continued to shed light onto the field of psychedelic psychotherapy and their benefit for the treatment of PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction and more.


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We are seeing a number of Ketamine offerings in our community and, with more clinical trials underway, we will soon see the addition of psilocybin and MDMA onto the wellness landscape in Nashville. As a result of these research studies, clinical trials, and the growing interest in psychedelics to assist in the healing of trauma, we engaged in programmatic study, through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute (IPI), in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy and are currently offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Our studies through IPI included over 250+ hours of learning under Dr. Rick Doblin, Michael Pollan, Dr. Gabor Mate, and others. 

At Simply Being, we believe in the importance of specialized treatment for clients struggling with trauma and mood related concerns such as depression and anxiety. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is one of these treatments, and we believe KAP can have a positive impact on a client’s health and wellbeing. For this reason, we feel a sense of responsibility in offering Ketamine as the clinical trials suggest–with a psychotherapeutic component and in depth integration.

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This healing journey begins with a Consultation Call with one of our KAP therapists, click below to Get Started. During this call, you and our KAP therapist will determine if KAP is a good fit for you and you can get started. 

What Happens next?

in five steps

At Simply Being, we honor our clients and their journey, and have created a boutique experience that starts with a 20-minute Consultation Call with one of our highly trained KAP therapists. 

Step 1: 20-minute Consultation Call

Step 2: 1 Hour Medical Screening

Step 3: Preparation Session(s) with a KAP Therapist

Step 4: 2.5 Hour KAP session

Step 5: 1 Hour Integration Session with KAP Therapist.


Step 1: 20-minute Complimentary Consultation Call

Step 2: 1 Hour Medical Screening / $400

Step 3: Preparation Session(s) with a KAP Therapist / $195

Step 4: 2.5 Hour KAP session / $500

Step 5: 1 Hour Integration Session with KAP Therapist / $195

KAP Therapists

What Is Integration?

One of the most important aspects, stemming from the clinical trials, has been the effective and essential nature of “integration.”

Integration refers to the process by which an individual integrates the insights of their experience into their life. The process holds space for making sense out of our experience, filtering the content of the journey, and accommodating the experience by making lasting change.

In our society, unlike many indigenous cultures, we have not collectively considered the notion of integration. And, yet, the studies all agree that it is an essential step in the healing journey.

Simply Being offers individual preparation and integration sessions for clients engaged in psychedelic assisted therapies. Our therapists are highly trained psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and in a variety of holistic modalities that highlight the mind & body connection and increase the effectiveness of integration.

These include:
Somatic Experiencing
Mindfulness and Breath Practice
Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Jungian Psychology
Therapeutic Sound Healing

During our integration sessions, your therapist will employ a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities to help you accommodate the new psychedelic experience into your life.