It is natural to experience a range of emotions;
some flooding us thoroughly, and others frozen at our core.

Clinical Psychotherapist in Nashville, TN

At Simply Being our therapists join with you to help facilitate healing and connection. We help you to recognize and accept your psychological and neurophysiological responses to disappointments and all forms of trauma, in order for you to build capacity to hold and resolve your pain.

Our therapists are experts at treating trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic stress and more. We incorporate knowledge of the brain and body, using both “talk” therapy and somatic approaches.

Simple Being Psychotherapist

As Tennessee Licensed Clinical Therapists and Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, we specialize in trauma, and have worked extensively with survivors of sexual assault as well as folks struggling with depression and anxiety.


It is natural to need guidance and support during difficult times. At Simply Being we work with clients struggling with dysregulation and trauma. Our aim is to facilitate a journey back to the whole of the Self using a variety of therapeutic and holistic approaches. 

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Trauma is specifically an event that overwhelms the central nervous system, altering the way we process and recall memories. Trauma is not the story of something that happened back then, it’s the current imprint of that pain, horror, and fear living inside people.

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Somatic Psychotherapist and Owner
Registered Jungian Sandplay Therapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
My astrological signs are Scorpio rising, Libra sun, and Pisces moon.

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Dr. Barbie Hessel, LCSW, SEP, RSP

Somatic Psychotherapist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Reiki Practitioner
Intern Supervisor

My astrological signs are Libra rising, Cancer sun, and Aquarius moon.

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Christi Sidwell, LMSW

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

My astrological signs are Aquarius rising, Leo sun, and Sagittarius moon.

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Nicole Nelson,  LPC-MHSP (temp)

Intern Clinical Therapist

My astrological signs are Gemini rising, Sagittarius sun, and Aries moon.

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Molly Porter, BSW


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