Clinical Supervision in Nashville TN


Clinical Supervision for Social Workers

Dr. Barbie Hessel is passionate about supervising social workers who are working towards their clinical licensure. As a past educator, her approach to supervision is relational, collaborative and supportive. She partners with you to decide on areas of focus and goals, aid in self-reflection, and act as a mentor. Dr. Hessel focuses on a variety of areas including clinical skills, interventions, transference/countertransference, disclosure, self care, burn-out, and the ethics of helping.


Individual supervision – $120/50 minute hour
Dyad supervision – $60/per clinician/ 50 minute hour

*Group Supervision available upon request.

Clinical Supervision for Social Workers

“My work with therapists is rooted in the belief that each individual has specific talents and skills that make them unique to the field of social work and that there is not “one right way” to practice. I offer support as both a clinical psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, helping developing clinicians have a broader understanding of the field and consider holistic and integrative approaches to therapy. I look forward to hearing from you and walking beside you as you grow into the clinician you were always meant to become!”

Personal SE Sessions

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means that if you have a 10am appointment, you must cancel by 10am the previous morning. This will allow Dr. Hessel time to schedule other clients or students into that time slot. If you do not cancel your session according to the policy, you are expected to pay for the full cost of the session and your card on file will be charged unless another form of payment is agreed upon. If there is a true emergency, such as an unforeseen medical issue, you will not be charged for the session.

Personal SE Sessions for Credit

Dr. Hessel offers online and in-person, personal sessions at the beginning and intermediate levels for Somatic Experiencing students. The cost for a 50-minute session is $125. If you are a student on scholarship, the cost is $100, and you must submit the necessary documentation.

Sessions with Dr. Hessel count towards your SEP certificate requirements, at the beginning and intermediate levels. Following your individual session,you will receive an email documenting the session time(s). This email can be submitted for credit for your SE certificate, along with your other log sheet requirements.

If interested, please contact Dr. Barbie Hessel at


I believe in the power of women helping other women and offer consultation and mentoring for clinicians and healing professionals wanting to venture out into private practice. 

Dr. Hessel had to learn so much on her own and would have benefited from mentoring in order to grow as a person, clinician, and entrepreneur. She works with individuals who want to venture out into private practice and/or start their own wellness practice. 

“I am not a business coach. I am a mentor in the way the term was intended. I help advise you on your journey to become a leader and provide valuable insight into the world of private practice.”


$225 per hour
*Packages available upon request.


We accept credit cards and cash, payable at the end of each visit. 

Simply Being Therapy does not accept insurance; however, we are happy to provide you with a Superbill, which will include the information you need to file for out-of-network reimbursement (Barbie, Christi, or Nicole only).  Please check with your insurance carrier prior to scheduling to confirm whether this is an option for you. 

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