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Trauma is hard to define. Of course, there is a medical definition for trauma, but, in reality, it is far more individual. At its core, trauma is about fragmentation– the experiencing of a strong sense of overwhelm and powerlessness. When we experience trauma, it’s like wearing blinders. We feel stuck in rigidity and lose perspective. Trauma separates us from ourselves and from others, binding us to the past.


Somatic Trauma Therapy

Many people struggle with trauma around life’s inevitable experiences with grief, change, loss, and disappointment, and others struggle with trauma stemming from abuse, neglect, assault, and other forms of violence (including accidental, natural, and violence inflicted by others). Our aim at Simply Being is to facilitate a journey back to the whole of the self. We work with folks who have experienced trauma, using a variety of therapeutic modalities and experiences to approach this work.

That said, we use a somatic approach as the foundation of all of our work with trauma, at Simply Being we are all Somatic Experiencing Practitioners ® or in training. We know how important it is to treat trauma with empathy and compassion, as well as with skill and purpose. We have a deep regard for this work and this is why we have formal training and certifications.

We offer Individual Therapy for adults and teens who struggle with the effects of trauma. This includes family members and loved ones who experience vicarious trauma. 

Simply Being Therap Clinic

Trauma is specifically an event that overwhelms the central nervous system, altering the way we process and recall memories. Trauma is not the story of something that happened back then, it’s the current imprint of that pain, horror, and fear living inside people.

 Bessel van der Kolk

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