We each need spiritual connection, no matter our belief system. Every person’s spirituality is unique, and just like every other part of our lives, we need to nurture it to feel our best. Whether you’re in a rut, deconstructing from organized religion, or seeking inspiration for your daily practice, the ideas below are for you!

1. Go outside

More and more, we live in a world that pulls us out of our natural habitat – the outdoors. You don’t have to consider yourself the rustic type to spend some moments in nature. Whether this is an intense month-long camping trip or a 15-minute break on your front porch, reconnecting with nature is a wonderful point of access to spirituality.

2. Listen to music

Create a playlist that feels meaningful in your heart, mind, and body. Take time (without distraction) to listen and meditate on these sounds. Some playlist ideas may be: Divine Feminine, Deconstruction, Sounds of Nature, Singing Bowls, etc.

3. Connect with your Lineage

Whether or not family is spiritual for you, connecting to those who came before you is an excellent way to grab hold of something deeper. Spend time learning about your ancestors with curiosity and connectedness, naming the ways you carry the light of those who came before.

4. Learn about other ways of spirituality

Being curious about the spirituality of others is a great way to reach your own. You can narrow your discovery to a specific religion or people group, or you can expand it to more general topics like Greek Mythology or Female Archetypes. Learn what you can and notice your body’s reaction to the practices you explore.

5. Reflect

Take a piece of paper and go to a quiet place. Try to find 3-5 words or phrases that summarize your life’s purpose. Some examples may be: Relieving others’ suffering, Knowing myself deeply, Curiosity, etc. This may take some time. Make sure to return and journal/reflect on each one.