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If you are a new client, you will be receiving an email with access information to the Client Portal. Current clients should already have access; if not, please let me know. This Client Portal is intended to assist you in the process of better understanding the practice policies, client rights, and informed consent(s). The portal can also help you keep track of future appointments and see and pay any invoices. I hope that you will find this portal helpful. Talk soon!

“It has taken me years to find Barbie. She’s the diamond you’ve been searching for, the one who has a diverse background with years of experience that make her acutely aware of ways to finally heal and become whole. Her office is a refuge from our cultural busyness and daily storms we experience in this chaotic world. Peaceful, serene, safe, accepted, are some of the words that come to mind. I never thought it was possible to feel grounded with so much coming at us with social media, the news, elections, opinions….ahhhh… you get the picture. Untwisted, unteathered, serenity and peace of mind and body is my natural daily experience now and I feel so blessed to have found her!”


“I’ve been seeing Barbie for a few months and I’ve been making some big changes. She specializes in attachment issues and has helped me heal a lot of past hurt. If you’re willing to do the work you’ll do very well here.”


“I have been a client of Simply Being for almost a year. In that time I have seen tremendous personal growth and have been better able to deal with traumatic events from my past.  My mood and attitude are better and my relationships with others have improved dramatically. It has taken lots of work on my end but the guidance provided to me by Christie and the tools she has provided me have made a huge difference in my life. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received, and know thanks to Simply Being  I am a better person and much healthier mentally.”


“Dr. Barbie is the kindest most effective therapist I have ever worked with. She is knowledgeable and practiced in a wide variety of modalities and seems to always be learning and improving on her skill set. I highly recommend Simply Being Therapy for anyone in need of mental health guidance and especially those who seek a trauma informed therapist.”


“This group {Body Talk] gave me a safe place to land every week—free from judgment and I was able to completely focus own my own individual process. I always wanted to come to group. It never felt like an obligation.”


“Body Talk changed the way I move and relate to the world. I feel so much more present and in touch with myself. I look forward to exploring other practices to keep the work going.”


“The Body Talk group was awesome! It combined a soothing atmosphere, with practices in experiencing the present. Perfect balance of science and learning to experience both emotions and sensations.”


“I first had the pleasure of meeting Christi and Barbie during a body based healing group at the therapy center I was attending. I immediately felt safe in the atmosphere they helped create: safe to both share the difficult things I had been through and also to explore and re-imagine the relationship I had with my body. If you are a survivor of any kind of trauma, I would highly recommend therapy with them. Now I am lucky to work with Christi one on one and have found great healing through EMDR, somatic experiencing, and just talking. Healing really is possible. I am grateful for Simply Being.”


“I am more able to practice dipping into the body in a safe, compassionate, and laughter-encouraged space—the more I practice these tools on my own, the more the grief changes. “


“The Body Talk group was so informative and healing. . .I didn’t want it to end!” 


“More than simply a talented practitioner, Christi has a calming and reassuring presence in difficult moments and a gentle voice whose heart is overflowing with tenderness and kindness. She seems to know intuitively when to press me to challenge myself, and when to let me coast and be easy. I have come to trust her as much as I have gained trust in myself, which is such a beautiful gift. As we dove in together and I learned more about Somatic Experiencing (SE) techniques, I began to find them more and more productive in reducing and eventually curtailing my symptoms. For the first time 18 months I was having entire days of feeling lighter, healthier, happier—without the brain fog and depression that had been plaguing me.“


“Mindfulness, spiritual wisdom from many realms, and the latest science have been combined at Simply Being to help me make a great deal of progress in the year or so that we have been working together.” 


“I’ve been seeing Barbie for 15 months for parenting, attachment and somatic work. I’ve experienced the range of her support, teaching self-soothing, self care and space that allows for all parts of me. Both online and in person has been really valuable.“


About Find Your Wild Workshop
“There is power in connection and intention. There is immeasurable power in connecting with intention. This workshop was a powerhouse, expertly guided and crafted by Barbie and Christie with the utmost attention to detail, genuine care and profound intention. It was fascinating, revelatory, and transformative, made all the richer by the extraordinary women there.”


About Find Your Wild Workshop


About Find your Wild Workshop
“I would recommend this or any workshop with Barbie and Christi. It has been an amazing experience to be a art of this group” 


About Find Your Wild Workshop
“A safe and supportive environment for exploration, healing, and expansion. I truly enjoyed and benefitted from this weekend workshop.”


“Finding the right therapist is crucial to the healing process. Dr. Barbie Hessel possesses the perfect combination of skills and qualities that matter to me. I have a deep respect, trust, and appreciation for her, her skills, and the work we do together. The progress I have made on this journey is due, in no small part, to her qualities as a therapist and as an extraordinary human being. Simply brilliant.” 


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