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Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness initiatives offering employees and workplace teams essential mental wellness support is no longer a “perk” — it is now a necessity. These programs are increasingly expected by qualified candidates seeking new job opportunities.

After surviving the collective trauma of a world-wide pandemic, and re-learning what a workplace “looks like” and “feels like”, more and more corporate leaders are investing in the wellness of their employees. When employers actively invest time and money into workplace wellness and facilitate their employees’ ability for self-care, their teams and staff feel more valued, and, hence, more engaged and focused.

Our expertise in trauma and chronic stress, has been integrated into such a program, offering a range of mental wellness initiatives for your staff. In seeking to improve and maintain high levels of performance, individuals are more likely to struggle with burn-out and an array of mental health issues.

 At Simply Being, we can help your leaders and employees identify their triggers and be more equipped to minimize stress and better handle work needs and tasks. We can help leaders, teams, and individuals in your company build capacity in their nervous systems and find balance. Increased motivation and performance inevitably follows these company-wide and individual efforts.

Dr. Barbie Hessel is a Psychotherapist and Somatic Practitioner with experience working with individuals and groups. Barbie has worked with organizations around their staff development and strategic planning and integrated her varied professional experience when working with leaders, corporate teams, and staff.

Why Simply Being?

Simply Being was founded on the premise that mental wellness is an individual and community effort. We offer training, individual coaching and therapy, and mindfulness practices that come from a place of deep understanding and knowledge; we can guide individuals and teams in renegotiating their chronic stress and helping to build stronger workplace communities by learning to address the stress and trauma that we all store in our bodies.

As psychotherapists and Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, we offer a unique perspective and years of experience. Our offerings will be tailored to fit the needs of your staff and are somatically and holistically integrated into research-based strategies. We will work with your leaders and staff to determine outcomes and specific methodologies to help meet your specific needs and help maintain wellness alongside productivity.

Simply Being offers in-person and virtual experiences. For in-person workshops and sessions, we can invite you and your teams to our beautiful office space or visit your offices: whatever works best for you.


  • Individual Wellness Workshops
  • Mind fullness for the Workplace
  • Customizable Workplace Plans
    Small-business Packages
    Corporate Packages
  • Individual coaching and therapy sessions for mental health and wellness.

    Christi Sidwell is a Somatic psychotherapist with experience working with individuals and groups around trauma and chronic stress. Christi integrates holistic practices into her work with clients and teams. 

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